The Blue Castle is a standalone novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  The main character takes refuge and pleasure in the imaginary world she has created for herself – a place she calls her Blue Castle.  I do that same thing and I absolutely love the book, so I named this blog after it.

I started this blog for an assignment, which explains the first half-dozen or so entries.  In the process of writing those posts I remembered how much I enjoyed this style of writing, so I decided to give blogging another try and keep this one going.  Though of course now that the assignment’s over I get to write about stuff I personally find interesting – frequently topics inspired by my interest in cultural history and cultural literacy.  To understand why some

Me, circa 2007. Thanks to Iris Law for the photo.

stories and styles of entertainment were beloved in the past, it helps to understand the wider historical contexts in which they rose to popularity.

This is a personal blog, not a professional one. While I may occasionally address professional things such as conference attendance, what I write here are my own thoughts and do not represent anyone or anything else.

My name is Elspeth.  I’m a librarian with an interest in rare books and archives.  When not working, I dive into history, music, film, and crafting.

And, of course, I dive into my own imaginary Blue Castle, where I can shape the world as I wish it could be and enjoy adventures of my own devising.

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