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  • Words Without Music, by Philip Glass (left over from previous haul, released April 2015)
  • The Fortunate Ones, by Ellen Umansky (released Feb. 2017) Some elements slightly reminiscent of the film WOMAN IN GOLD, but nowhere near as dramatic. Two parallel stories, both to some degree revolving around absent parents and an obsession with a lost painting. Would recommend.
  • Setting Free the Kites, by Alex George (Released Feb. 21, 2017) Funny, poignant, wise, and naive. Like teenagers are themselves.
  • The Lonely Hearts Hotel, by Heather O’Neill (released Feb. 7, 2017) Somehow simultaneously fantastical and mercilessly realistic. A book you experience rather than merely read.
  • The Tiger in the House, by Jacqueline Sheehan (Released March 2017)
  • The Roanoke Girls, by Amy Engel (Released March 2017) Pretty dark. Not for everyone, but I found it surprisingly gripping.
  • A Crown of Wishes, by Roshani Chokshi (released March 28, 2017)
  • Sins of Empire, by Brian McClellan (released March 7, 2017)
  • The Arrangement, by Sarah Dunn (released March 21, 2017)
  • The Almost Sisters, by Joshilyn Jackson (releases July 2017) Tremendously enjoyable. Three generations of family secrets coming to light, generously sprinkled with Big Nerd Doings. Sign me up!
  • Devastation Road, by Jason Hewitt (releases July 3, 2017) An oddly slippery story, fascinating and compelling and full of unreliable witnesses. Totally worth it.
  • Grace, by Paul Lynch (releases July 11, 2017) An interesting premise, but his writing style seriously bugged me. Did not finish.
  • The Reluctant Queen (Queens of Renthia #2), by Sarah Beth Durst (Releases July 2017) Enjoyed the first, and enjoyed the second in this series. Looking forward to more. If you like fantasy that’s full of strong, complex women, this is for you.
  • The Thing With Feathers, by McCall Hoyle (releases Sept. 5, 2017)