• Just Fine With Caroline, by Annie England Noblin (releases 10/2016) Meh. Predictable. Entertaining enough to finish, but full of pat, somewhat two-dimensional character types and predictable situations.
  • Winter Storms, by Elin Hilderbrand (releases 10/4/16) A meringue of a story. A little oversweet, kind of insubstantial, but if you’re in the right mood, it’s satisfying.
  • IQ, by Joe Ide (releases 10/18/16) An interesting and rather unconventional take on the young black men in the poor neighborhood type of story.
  • The Rift: Uprising, by Amy S. Foster (releases 10/2016) First of a planned series of YA near-future science fiction. Stars a badass teenage girl.
  • Long Way Gone, by Charles Martin (releases 10/4/16) Meh. Started, didn’t finish. Didn’t do it for me.
  • Goldenhand, by Garth Nix (releases 10/11/16) An excellent continuation of the Old Kingdom series. I really hope there’s a book six, because Nix HAD BETTER NOT LEAVE THE STORY THERE.
  • Mister Monkey, by Francine Prose (releases 10/2016) Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. Decidedly odd.
  • The Comet Seekers, by Helen Sedgwick (releases 10/2016) An interesting concept, but the story dragged.
  • Orphans of the Carnival, by Carol Birch (11/2016)
    Another one I couldn’t put down. Based on a real woman’s life, and one of the best-written ARCs I’ve had yet.
  • A Portrait of Emily Price, by Katherine Reay (releases 11/1/16) Sweet, if rather pat.
  • Butter: a Rich History, by Elena Khosrova (releases 11/15/16)
    Given as a gift to my brother.
  • The Second Mrs. Hockaday, by Susan Rivers (releases 1/10/17)
  • Little Deaths, by Emma Flint (releases 1/17/17)
  • The Young Widower’s Handbook, by Tom McAllister (releases 2/7/17)
  • The Orphan’s Tale, by Pam Jenoff (releases 2/28/17)
  • The Daughters, by Adrienne Celt (left over from previous haul, released August 2015) Odd but compelling story about the multigenerational impact family can have and the power of stories and music.
  • Words Without Music, by Philip Glass (left over from previous haul, released April 2015)
  • She Came from Beyond!, by Nadine Darling (left over from previous haul, released October 2015)