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Some of the people on a cross-stitching community online that I’ve joined talk about doing multiple projects in a rotation. I’ve never really had more than one going at a time before, but since I’ve started taking on larger projects, I’ve decided to try this rotation idea. One of the reasons it takes me as long to finish projects as it does is that I get bored, and set it aside for months, or, as in the case of this blasted Peacock Rug, years.

Currently I’m trying 2 weeks on L’Esperance, and one week on the peacock. That will likely change as the holidays approach and I set stitching aside for my usual holiday beadwork crafting, but for the moment, this is what I’m trying.

So here’s the current progress on the peacock. For any who are curious, it’s worked on 10-count canvas mesh with steel yarn needles, using Anchor Tapisserie wools.