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A blog project is coming to its end!

To my great relief, my attempt at a year in photos has only one week left.  I admit, I’ve fudged dates a bit here and there, but it has always been at least seven photos a week, even if I sometimes missed a few days. And it’s nearly over. Huzzah!

But then, of course, I’m going to need a new project.  If I don’t have something focusing my thoughts, I forget to post.

I’ve done the Best Picture Project.  I’ve done week-in-photos (the final week will feature photographs from the ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, for which I leave tomorrow morning). What to do next?

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to listen to audiobooks while working or while chasing squirrels away from the apricot tree – the latter is a WHOLE other tangent I’m not going to follow right now – and I found a lecture series at the library that was quite interesting.

Created by The Teaching Company, the 84 lectures of “Great Authors of the Western Literary Tradition” start with the epic of Gilgamesh and end with “Waiting for Godot,” by Samuel Beckett. The professors delivering the lectures place the authors and the literary works in their historical and cultural contexts, examining elements of a master-work by the author, and showing how it fits into the Western literary tradition. They’re half-hour lectures, so it’s not like these are definitive, and it’s only about 80 authors over a few thousand years, so many are left out.

But it was interesting to me and it got me thinking – why not make a concerted effort to write about reading over the next year?

As soon as I learned to read, I was one of those kids who would devour books. I read the Harry Potter books the first day they came out, often within the first 24 hours.  I couldn’t get enough. In college and grad school, so much of my schoolwork involved reading, hours upon hours of reading, that in my down time I couldn’t face the prospect of more printed text. I started watching more videos, listening to more audiobooks, and so on.

While I have no intention of ceasing to watch videos or listen to audiobooks, I am a year out of

Loki says READ!

grad school and I am working on trying to reincorporate leisure reading into my daily life.

So this year, I’m setting myself a blog project of writing about reading.  There will be at least one book per month that I’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t read yet. There may be a few that I’m re-reading for the first time in a while. And I’ll write about it. I doubt I’ll go deep into literary or historical analysis (though there may be a little – after eight years of college-level education, I can’t give up ALL my academic leanings).  I expect I’ll write more about my reactions to the books, and my thoughts on the experience.

Before I start each new book, I’ll make sure to announce it, in case you’d like to read along with it. Indeed, I hope you do, and post your thoughts in the comments here. It could be like a bloggy book club. Wouldn’t that be fun?

The first book will be Elspeth Huxley’s memoir The Flame Trees of Thika.  It was a BBC adaptation of this book, back in the 1980s, that provided my parents with my name.