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It’s that time again! I know you’ve all been waiting for another round of “Phrases That Led People to Blue Castle.”  Let’s check the WordPress stats archives…

By far the most popular route to my blog, though the exact search terms take many forms, is through Jack Prelutsky’s poem, “Homework! Oh, Homework!” While I can see why this works, I’m rather puzzled that searching for this leads to my blog, as opposed to the many other sources for poetry online. In the last three months alone, my WordPress stats show 42 separate searches of various kinds for this poem that led to Blue Castle. And that’s not counting people who have security settings preventing WordPress from keeping track of search terms!

Here are some of the odder ones of the past three months:

socks blue castle

What? Is this CASTLE socks that are blue? Are these socks themed for my blog? Are these blue socks that have castles on them? Please be more specific.

shortest hour and a half long movies

I’m not sure how to answer this, because I’m hoping you’re speaking metaphorically about movies that are an hour and a half but seem shorter because they’re engrossing. Otherwise, I have to break it to you that no matter how short or long, a movie that lasts an hour and a half will always last an hour and a half.

y silence of the lambs references are in criminal minds

Because it’s a show about FBI agents catching serial killers by creating psychological profiles. And guess what? SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is about FBI agents catching a serial killer. By using a psychological profile.  Doofus.

did the hurt locker tie with “slum dog” millionaire for best picture

That’s easy. No. For the simple reason that they were IN DIFFERENT YEARS. Yeesh.

jonathan rhys meyers views on darker skinned women

Whoever you are, I am looking disapprovingly in your direction. Seriously. No matter how you interpret this, you have problems.

kerfuffle of death mask

I so want the backstory on this one.

www down load vides of blue films

You are in for SUCH a disappointment.


Thanks to all of you for finally listening to my pleas to leave Melissa Rauch alone. Or if you can’t, at least you’re leaving Blue Castle out of it.