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1. Whatever shoes you wear, your feet WILL be sore by the end of the day.

2. Allow plenty of time to find meeting rooms. Convention centers are ridiculously large.

3. Don’t be coy – just ask if people are hiring. Even if they aren’t, they often have good tips of places to look for listings.

4. In an anoxic environment, Prussian Blue dye changes color, so preservation standards require a low-oxygen or standard oxygen environment, but not an anoxic one.

5. LOC employees are kinda awesome.

6. Most of the ARCs and posters are for children’s lit and YA, so for adult services or academics, swag doesn’t weigh quite so much. Picked up some books, though.

7. Clearly the population of people who memorized the script of MONTY PYTHON AND THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL in middle school is smaller than I thought.

8. Newbery only has one r.

9. At noon on the last day of exhibits, a lot of the big publishing house booths start just giving away their stock.

10. I’m still surprised by my interest in leadership.


Photo post to come soon. Yes, I know I’m late with it.

Also? Reading ARC of “Prince of Shadows” I picked up – alternate POV novelization of “Romeo and Juliet” – fun read!