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So here’s the thing.  I like cross-stitch.  For my birthday, a friend got me these two patterns, one of the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, and one of the rose window in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  I love them, I’ve wanted them since I saw them, and I’m excited to make them.

BUT.  I’m being strict.  Before I’m allowed to start on them, I must finish all UFOs – UnFinished Objects.  I did not invent this term, but I like it.  So there’s the usual couple of regular patterns that I started and set aside from boredom or interest in working on other things.  There’s one of a bunch of flowers, and there’s one of a cat on a bookshelf.

But the big one, the one that might be evidence that I’m really and truly bonkers (but awesome, too), is the one for which I bought materials some seven years ago, started six years ago, worked on for a week, and then set aside until I got my senior year undergraduate classes sorted out.  It’s been living in my closet ever since.  I am making myself finish that one.

The good news is it’s on 7-count canvas interlock and sewn with yarn, which means that there are seven stitches to the inch.  So it does appear to grow relatively quickly.  The bad news is it’s a 3’x5′ rug.

The Peacock Rug is a pattern in Barbara Hammet’s book Art Nouveau Cross Stitch.  It’s based on the work of William De Morgan, a contemporary and friend of William Morris, the great English Art Nouveau designer. His work was heavily influenced by Persian motifs, hence the style and colors of the Peacock Rug.  Here’s what the final rug is supposed to look like:

Peacock Rug, as pictured in the pattern book

Here’s my progress so far:

week in photos 13 007 week in photos 14 014That’s a lot of canvas still to fill.  Oof.