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It’s that time again! I know you’ve all been waiting for another round of “Phrases That Led People to Blue Castle.”  Let’s check the WordPress stats archives…

in what movie is nathan fillion totally naked and staked to the ground in?

I don’t know, but now I’m curious too.  He is, as we all know, ruggedly handsome…  Anyone know the answer to this question?  Also, how did this lead here?  I know I’ve mentioned movies and Nathan Fillion, but I don’t recall talking about people being totally naked and staked to the ground.  Until now, of course, so it’ll keep leading back here again.

in the movie the grand hotel how is the use poetry through body language is perfectly shown in the scene of where flaemmchen and the baron meet for the first time?

Your question is either missing a few words or you’ve jumbled the ones you do have, because I’m not totally sure what you’re asking.  Props for knowing the names from GRAND HOTEL, though.  That’s not a commonly-watched one these days.  Should be – it’s got a phenomenal cast and features Garbo’s great “I want to be alone” line.

ophelia’s perfect picture project

Well you must have been disappointed. I’m not Ophelia and I wasn’t studying perfect pictures.  Just best pictures.  Clearly a lesser category.

colonbian blue finm wan pic


what ben affleck said about shakespeare in love

I don’t know, but this shouldn’t be that hard to find.  Try imdb.  Google clearly led you on a wild goose chase, since it led you here.

was neil oliver in braveheart

No.  He’s Scottish and has long hair, but his films for the BBC are actually good. And much closer to historically accurate. Not that it’s so hard to be more accurate than BRAVEHEART.

the last casl, rober redford like white fox, general romel

Um.  OHHH, you mean THE LAST CASTLE.  Spelling, people. It’s your friend. That movie also has the late great James Gandolfini and (the not-late) Mark Ruffalo.

m.mature over 60 en spreep teesy

Again, um, what?  Sounds a little skeevy, so maybe I don’t want to know.

according to visions of light, the introduction of sound was considered a major setback by many cinematographers. explain why and how it affected the making of films.

Write your own term paper.

Finally, for heaven’s sake, leave Melissa Rauch alone.