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I’m having a not-all-that-great day.  It’s not a bad day, because, y’know, last night of Chanukah means latkes, applesauce, and smoked salmon for dinner, which is awesome.  The rest of the day’s been less satisfying.

To distract myself, I’m going to take another look at the endlessly entertaining WordPress stats page and share some of my favorite search terms used to find Blue Castle.

pretend you are a journalist after investigating the crime scene and interviewing all of the key players at macbeth’s castle

Wow, um, I just don’t…. Wow. How very specific.  I mean, that’d be kind of awesome, except aren’t most of the key players dead by the end of the play? I have to admit I’ve never read or seen the Scottish Play, but Shakespearean tragedies have this reputation for death.  I’d vote for more of a murder mystery thing, like in GOSFORD PARK.  Everyone stuck in a house together while an outsider tries to solve the murder(s).

complete free movies cantinflas youtube

And that led you here? You searched for youtube, you know. The lack of “youtube” in the Blue Castle URL should have been a giveaway that these are not the droids you’re looking for. Let’s see if I get found via “these are not the droids you’re looking for.”

why we love castle

He IS ruggedly handsome. And rich. And funny. And smart. And talented.  And, y’know, Nathan Fillion.

70’s cop shows csi character development

But I haven’t watched any 70s cop shows, and CSI started in the 90s.

melissa rauch toppless / melissa rauch transformation / melissa rauch sex scene

For heaven’s sake. Leave the poor woman alone.

no csi miami finale…what a rip off

Agreed. Though it did end on a pretty nice note, with all the group together except Calleigh, who was bonding with her newly adopted children.

fairies culture politics

So many jokes… head exploding…

lady has sex with her butler on the castle

The internet is a dirty-minded place.

blue eao socks

okay…. Well, I do have lots of blue socks and those are my initials, but why would someone be searching for them on the internet as opposed to in my closet?

good conclusions for a review for all about eve

Dude. Do your own writing. And do your own concluding, too.