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I’m not in the mood for PATTON, so I rationalized watching the Turner Classic Movies documentary “Moguls and Movie Stars,” which is a history of movie-making and Hollywood from the 1880s up to 1970.  Totally makes sense, right? I mean, PATTON is the 1970 winner.  This documentary series is therefore a look at what I’ve seen so far.

I just couldn’t face a three-hour biopic of a foul-mouthed egomaniac tonight.

Anyways, I’m watching episode one, which talks about the actual invention of moving pictures and the beginnings of the film industry, and of course they have to talk about Eadweard Muybridge.  He’s famous for a series of photographs of a horse galloping.  The series came about because Leland Stanford, Sr. wanted to win a bet and prove that a galloping horse has all four hooves off the ground simultaneously at some point in its stride.  It’s also usually considered the birth of the motion picture.  There’s a marker at Stanford University to document the event.

And… well… this conversation just happened.

Me: O.O muybridge, the guy who’s credited with the first filmstrip?
he did other studies in motion, including some with himself.
Friend: mhm?
Me: full frontal. YEARRGH
Friend: Those poor archivists
Me: seriously. i wonder if they’re at stanford
i know we have some muybridge stuff
given the whole horse thing took place at stanford and because of leland senior
Friend: Hmm  That would be interesting to find out.
Me: i do have Contacts there….
Friend: OoooooooOOOOooooh  CHALLENGE! And then write a blog post about it
Me: about naked muybridge
Friend: lol
Me: with his mountain-man beard and TOTALLY NAKED AND DANGLING PARTS
Friend: …  Nevermind
Me: exactly.
Friend: That just scarred me
Me: some things you can’t un-see.
Friend: Just what you wrote there.  Gah!
Me: they showed it. i saw it.
Friend: With no warning?
Me: first there was the back of a nude lady
then they were like OH WAIT LOOK AT THIS