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It’s been one year exactly since I started this blog.  At the time it was for a school assignment, and I didn’t think about keeping it after the assignment finished.  That changed pretty quickly.

I had a blog back in high school, over on livejournal.com.  It’s full of the usual teenage stuff – stress, angst, teenage romance, massive to-do lists, and silly memes/jokes.  I haven’t wanted to post to it for a while. Who wants to keep writing in the same diary one had at age sixteen? That era of my life is past, and while that girl obviously still exists within me, I’m not her.

But in honor of the one-year anniversary of Blue Castle and about ten years since I started blogging, I thought I’d post some of my favorite photos from my albums here on my computer.  They’re from all sorts of experiences in the past several years (okay, since I got a digital camera in 2006, but who’s counting?).

if you click on the thumbnails here you can see them bigger in a gallery/slideshow format.

Here’s to the next year.