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I promise I haven’t forgotten about the Best Picture Project. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT is sitting on the table here in my apartment, all ready to be my reward when I finish writing the case study for my Preservation class that’s the second of two assignments for the entire term. Gotta love grad school, no?  Kind of makes you miss the days of weekly writing reflections or problem sets (depending on whether you were a fuzzy or a techie).  Aside from having lots of little grades to add up for your final grade, having it just be part of the weekly load was in some ways preferable to this end of term OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS DUE IN THE NEXT THREE WEEKS feeling.

People who don’t recognize I have no sense of humor about this right now will say I could have done these assignments earlier, last month maybe, when there was less to do.  In theory, yes, for some of them. However, the point of these projects being the term projects is to encompass the entirety of the material covered by the class, not just the first month. Also, I had other assignments due last month. Not like I’ve been slacking.

I have no doubt that it will all get done, on time, and that I will be satisfied with my work. A big pet peeve of mine is people who chirp “you can do it!” automatically at anyone working through finals.  Of course we can do it. Most of us have no doubt that we can do it.  I think part of my annoyance is that it’s such a generic reaction.  It makes the complainer feel like the respondent isn’t actually listening. And yes, the complainer may just be venting off some of the internal stress pressure by whining, but that he or she probably still wants to be heard.  We want commiseration, not perky platitudes. Don’t tell us we can do it.  Tell us that it sounds like we have a lot of work to do, or that finals suck, or just sigh and say you can’t wait for it to be over either.  Or, if you really can’t stand the complaining, just make a sympathetic face and then change the subject.

My break time is over. Back to the case study for me. As my mother likes to say – no way out but through.