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When I’m feeling down, upset, or just overwhelmed by the world, I can lose myself in music, and nothing comforts me like Mozart.  I turn the volume up as loud as is comfortable and just listen.  It’s such a loss that Mozart died so young – I know Die Zauberflote was written as comedy, and that some circles would respect me more if I preferred his *serious* work.

But truly, it is a beautiful work.  It is passionate and honest and possibly the most perfect music I have ever heard.

Just listen to this aria.  Really listen.

Plot details can be found here, and the translation is as follows:

This image is enchantingly lovely,
Like no eye has ever beheld!
I feel it as this divine picture,
Fills my heart with new emotion.
I cannot name my feeling,
Though I feel it burn like fire within me,
Could this feeling be love?
Yes! Yes! It is love alone!
Oh, if only I could find her,
If only she were standing before me,
I would, I would, with warmth and honor …
What would I do? Full of rapture,
I would press her to this glowing bosom,
And then she would be mine forever!

Oh, and I finished my paper early, plenty of time to spare.