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New Girl – man, this show just keeps getting better. love, love, LOVE. Interesting to see the change in CeCe, though… should be fun to see where that goes! and the whole gimmick with the crazy dude pretending to be Nick from the future was awesome.

Castle – Sacrilege though it may be to ask… is anyone else getting a little tired of the endless OMGBECKETTANDBECKETT’SMOM drama? Can we please go back to a little more of the lighthearted quirkiness of the first few seasons when Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan were still badass, and Castle was enthusiastically helpful?  If I wanted a soap I’d go back to watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Big Bang Theory – ALL KINDS OF EPIC WIN.  I can’t even pinpoint a favorite moment.  Raj and Stewart dancing in the comic book shop?  Sheldon quoting fabulously romantic speech from SPIDERMAN to get Amy to stay on their date at least long enough to drive him home? Leonard painting “go sports” on his stomach? Penny outdrinking, well, everyone, without seeming even a little bit tipsy? or maybe Howard, in space, but still being bullied and berated by his mother AND Bernadette?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – I must say, I’m rather impressed by Ted Danson. It’s still a bit disconcerting to hear the show without seeing it, because it immediately makes me wonder what Sam Malone is doing in the middle of a crime drama, but really, he’s doing rather well with CSI.

Unfortunately, the CTV website is annoying and doesn’t have the CSI franchise episodes available for watching online, so I only caught the last ten minutes of the premiere episode.  GRRR.

Criminal Minds – In case anyone was wondering, Matthew Gray Gubler is still pretty. And talented. Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way…  BEST DRAMA PREMIERE. In my opinion, of the ones I’ve watched. I think it’ll be interesting to watch Jeanne Tripplehorn’s Alex Blake try to fit into the group. A friend mentioned that Alex’s age is a factor in her character – unlike the blonde intern they put in briefly a few years back, Alex Blake is no newbie. She’s got an established career, mature experience, and clearly a healthy ego.  I predict she will be useful but will have to learn to cooperate a bit more – so far she only seems to be treating Hotchner and Reid as equals… was a touch rude to Derek!  And it’s always good for a show like this to start off with a creeptastic but in-the-end sympathetic villain. I really started to feel sorry for the guy by the end, but can anyone with knowledge of cochlear implants explain – are they removable? It would involve surgery, sure, but if it was malfunctioning as badly as the unsub’s was in this episode and leading him to kill in search of silence, couldn’t someone have taken it out? The poor guy WANTED to go back to being deaf!

Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice – ehhhhhhhhh…. I dunno. I’ve kind of lost interest in the endlessly overdramatic and emotionally laden Shonda Rhimes medical soaps.  I stopped watching midway through last season when I realized that I was catching up on a month’s worth of episodes at a time because I felt obliged to do so.  Not what TV’s about, folks.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – totally weird to see Paget Brewster in a dress… I don’t think we ever saw Emily Prentiss in one, did we?

So, I get that this story wouldn’t have worked in the usual one-hour episode format, but if you ask me, two hours was too long. Oog.  This is one of those shows that I really WANT to like.  I enjoyed LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, and I like the characters on SVU, but the stories… it’s just relentless.  Maybe I’ve had my fill of the franchise for a while.

CSI: NY and The Mentalist – totally shows I like, but since I haven’t seen the last season yet, I will be restraining myself from watching this season. Or at least trying to.

How I Met Your Mother – solid, but not exciting.  I never really liked Victoria, so I’m not thrilled by her being back.  I did, however, enjoy the whole thing with Robin and her boyfriend’s abs.  Episode 2 of the season was waaaaaay better!

Body of Proof – not returning till January. BOO.  WANT MORE DANA DELANEY AND JERI RYAN.