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Due to some of the things I’ve watched recently, I’ve been thinking about how different shows handle the credits.  I can see the benefit to a simple title card, like GLEE or CASTLE, but I personally like the way a well-done credits sequence can set the mood by careful use of appropriate imagery and music.

One option for the credits sequence is to pair a strong mood-setting song with equally mood-setting images of artwork, scenery, or animation.

And of course, one of the most famous title sequences of all time:

But my personal favorites, I think, are those that use the actors themselves.  It helps viewers identify actors and characters, and I find it really gets me in the mindset for that show.  I find myself thinking about the current character and story arcs, and revisiting my emotional relationship to each character.

Goosebumps, every time:

And finally, because it’s really one of the best title sequences ever:

Any you think are especially awesome/tragically overlooked? Post them to the comments!