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The WordPress stats page amuses me.  Among the data tracked are records of what search engines viewers use to find the blog in question, and frequently I am able to see the phrase used to find my blog via those search engines.

And let me tell you, these phrases span a wide range, from highly relevant to a category that can only be described as amusingly WTF.

Here are some examples of relevance:

have fun storming the fuhrer – used in Billy Crystal’s Oscars intro this year. not surprising at all.

2011 movies in review – generic, but good to know my work showed up for that.

blue castle blog wordpress – self-explanatory. really. if you need that explained, i worry.

why i love nerds – aw, sweetheart. yes, we nerds are MOST lovable.

Then things start to get funnier.

“words flow past” + harry potter – well, okay, but this is two different posts. but whatever.

matthew gubler too thin – yes, he is. he’s not quite as painfully skinny anymore, though. and the hair continues to be awesome.

no csi miami finale…what a rip off – agreed. but how did this lead you here? you must have gone through a really long list of search results to find my blog with this search phrase.

will csi miami get series finale – okay, as an information-professional-in-training, can i just remind you that if you search with a question as your phrase, you should put it in quotes? Otherwise you end up places like, well, here. not that this is a bad thing. I’m delighted to see you.  But somehow I suspect that I will be unable to provide you with a reliable answer, not having any actual contacts in the TV industry.

ryan private practice addison’s brother – um, no. Addison’s brother is named Archer. Who did you actually mean?

spencer reid hair combed – huh? 

are nerd characters always super smart? – yes, yes we are. Also, you must not watch much tv. Or movies. Or read many books. The whole point of the nerd stereotype is to have a character who is “super smart” and can therefore provide an easy butt of jokes as well as a stream of reliable knowledge without requiring great amounts of explanation into the obtaining of said knowledge.  Go read Harry Potter and get to know Hermione Granger a bit. Then we’ll talk.

geriatric care powered by wordpress – I don’t even know what to do with this one.

inane rambling – right, well, this isn’t exactly random. I DID have an entry that included those words in the title, but now I’m a little insulted that someone actually found me with that phrase. Hmph.

sarah’s blue castle – who’s Sarah? And dude, she has a castle? Where can I meet her?

comments on castle weeding episode – I must have missed the CASTLE weeding episode. I did see a CASTLE wedding episode, though. It was pretty awesome.

grey’s anatomy chief webber’s polo shirt – seriously? Someone searched for information on Richard’s polo shirts? GET A HOBBY.

It should be interesting to see what happens after this entry. Many thanks to Frankie, Patrick, Jason, Jenny, Jeffrey, Chris, and Remington for their help with the title!