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Well, CSI MIAMI and CSI NY have been in renewal limbo for a while, and today the news came out… CSI NY has been renewed for another season, CSI MIAMI has been cancelled.

My first thought was a certain amount of indignation that they’d send out this kind of news on Mother’s Day.  Surely they could wait till Monday to let the actors know they’d been laid off after 10 years.

Secondly, for weeks I’ve been seeing speculation in my various sources of information (Twitter, Entertainment Weekly, etc.) about the fates of these two shows.  The original CSI was renewed weeks ago, but the guesses were that NY would be canned after the current season and MIAMI would get another year.  Instead it’s the opposite.  I mean, it’s nice that MIAMI ended on a positive note, with all the crime lab “family” together and smiling – except for Calleigh, who was at home with the two children she just adopted.  I just wish we’d been able to see what happened with her and Delko… I’ve been worried about MIAMI, though, as I heard about longtime actors like Eva La Rue leaving to pursue new projects.

I haven’t watched the NY incarnation of CSI yet, other than the crossover eps from the original and MIAMI, but it’s on my list.  You all can expect some musings here on set design and the atmospheric power of color when I do.

I’m going to miss CSI MIAMI.  Yes, David Caruso is melodramatic to the point of comedy at times, and his signature put-on-sunglasses-and-say-something-dramatic-just-before-credits-run is, well… a bit funny.  But I like him.  I like the way he rarely looks people straight in the face, which is a distinctive change from pretty much every other detective/cop character I’ve seen.  It makes him less overtly aggressive and more truly dangerous.  I love it when the writers have Horatio Caine interact with children, and his passionate love for and care for his family – biological and professional – is evident and admirable.

Emily Procter, who’s been with the show since day one as Horatio’s second-in-command, ballistics specialist Calleigh Duquesne, is an actress I enjoy watching.  She looks delicate, but is one of the strongest characters on the show and one of the most interesting female characters on tv in recent years.  Somehow, despite the horrifying situations she’s endured, she is still in the light of the sun, able to see the wonder and joy and color of the world.  This sets her apart from similarly-placed characters like Sara Sidle (CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION) and Kate Beckett (CASTLE), who both lived through life-threatening interactions and have as a result been permanently shadowed – scarred internally. The only female character I can think of in the same category as Calleigh is Penelope Garcia from CRIMINAL MINDS, but Calleigh manages to maintain a generally happy, buoyant personality without Garcia’s overt eccentricity.  Nothing wrong with either approach, and I find both appealing.  In some ways, Garcia is more like what I think I’m like inside, while Calleigh is what I would aspire to project to the outside world.

I mourn the passing of a wonderful show, but I also hope that when the axe falls on the other two in the franchise, they leave with the same sense of peaceful, hopeful resolution.