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In the middle of the finals crunch right now as I scramble to finish up the last two big assignments for the term.  I won’t go into details on the assignments – you can safely assume that they’re not all that interesting – but I’m noticing more and more that for big assignments I have a Process.  This Process is how I go about preparing and doing the work, yes, but it also includes how I go about making myself actually focus.  I find I have to let things percolate a while – several days, even.  So what looks like procrastination seems to be part of the Process.  Not ideal, sometimes, since finals time can get kind of crunched in terms of spare hours for percolation, but it’s what works best for me.

This is one of the reasons I prefer in-class finals.  You go in, you do the exam, and you’re done.  There’s none of the looming that at-home assignments do, and it’s much harder to procrastinate in class.  Not impossible, of course, but harder.

Anyone want to share their Process?  Or their stress-relief habits?