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In other words, it’s OSCAR SUNDAY!  Woo-hoo!

This is your chance to go to a different website. I know there are people out there who would be annoyed that I’m using the internet to talk about my love of movies and awards shows, rather than serious topics like the economy, global warming, or the state of the political upheaval in the Middle East.  This is your warning that this entry will be full of gushing and complaining about gowns and the evening when Hollywood pats itself on the back.  If this kind of entry annoys you, take the chance to go somewhere else.


Now it’s OSCAR TIME.

3:32pm No serious fashionFAIL yet, but it occurs to me that Clooney’s date looks a bit like an Oscar herself, what with the gold form-fitting gown and legs up to the stratosphere.

3:55pm I look at Rooney Mara and all I want to do is feed her. Too too too skinny! I like the skirt and back of her dress, but the front unfortunately accentuates how very very skinny she is.  And seriously, when is the mermaid skirt going to go away? It’s silly-looking on almost everyone.  Also, I really really have GOT to see ALBERT NOBBS.

4.01pm Oooh, Viola Davis is rocking the most amazing emerald green. It looks incredible with her skin tone!

4.03pm TIM GUNN! TIM GUNN!!!! Oh, and Nina Garcia.  But more importantly, TIM GUNN!

4.08pm Oh no… Looks like Sacha Baron-Cohen has come dressed as his character in THE DICTATOR. And dumped ashes on Ryan Seacrest. Just when I was starting to have glimmerings of respect for him, too.

4:42pm ….Did Colin Firth just pat his date on the tush?

4:55pm oh oh oh I want Penelope Cruz’ dress!  It’s SO BEAUTIFUL.

4:57pm Terrifying thought: Imagine being the stage manager for the Oscars.  I can’t even begin to guess how much stress those poor individuals feel right now.

5:01pm Wow, Cameron Diaz combed her hair. She’s actually very pretty when she doesn’t have bedhead.

5:04pm Apparently there are thoughts of doing Hangover 3. You’d think those guys would learn that Bad Stuff happens when they drink to excess by now.

5:13pm Mmmm, not a fan of what Sandra Bullock chose this year.  Somehow it doesn’t look fancy enough for the event.

5:25pm Huh. Chris Rock seems to be aging backwards. He now looks about 23. Benjamin Button, maybe?

5:35pm Oh Billy, how we have missed you!  And loving the subtle PRINCESS BRIDE reference “Have fun storming the Fuhrer!”

5:43pm Whoa. Hugo cinematography guy has FABULOUS silver mane of hair. And a lovely little speech, too. I like the dedication to all future filmmakers.

6:13pm Standing ovation for Octavia Spencer. Win doesn’t surprise anyone, though I have to admit I was rooting for Melissa McCarthy.  I wish comedians would win more often.  Also, am I the only one who thinks Berenice Bejo should have been nominated for actress in a leading role, not supporting?

6:25pm Guys who won for film editing are adorkable. Mazel tov to them – nominations two years in a row! Last year SOCIAL NETWORK, this year GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Impressive!

6:34pm MUPPETS! ….. Introducing Cirque du Soleil? Weird.

7:14pm Wow. Self-taught newcomer beat out Howard Shore AND two nominations for John Williams!  Can’t say I’m all that surprised, though.  From all I’ve seen, THE ARTIST has a fabulous score.

7:18pm Wait, there are only two nominees for Best Original Song this year?  Surely more movies than THE MUPPETS and RIO had original songs in them…

8:07pm Left out of IN MEMORIAM segment: Anna Massey, English actress best known to me as the troubled and passionate Lady Laura Kennedy in the BBC adaptation of Anthony Trollope’s Parliamentary novels, THE PALLISERS.

8:24pm Why is Colin Firth entering to dramatic Beethoven music (I think. Might have been Mozart, but I’m pretty sure it’s Beethoven).

8:29pm Okay, I admit, I shrieked a bit. MERYL STREEP WINS for the first time since what, 1982?! 17th nomination’s a charm, apparently.


Hugo: 5

The Artist: 5 (Michel Hazanavicius, Director; Jean Dujardin, Actor in a Leading Role; Best Picture of the Year)

The Iron Lady: 2 (Meryl Streep, Actress in a Leading Role)

A Separation (Foreign Language Film – IRAN)

The Help: 1 (Octavia Spencer, Supporting Actress)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: 1

Undefeated (Documentary Feature)

Rango: 1

Beginners: 1 (Christopher Plummer, Supporting Actor)

The Muppets: 1

The Descendants: 1

Midnight in Paris: 1

The Shore (Short Film, Live Action)

Saving Face (Documentary, Short Subject)

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (Short Film, Animated)