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One of my favorite bloggers, known to the Internets as Dooce, has taken to posting once a week or so a list of random stuff “found while looking around.”  In that spirit, I present you with an assortment of random thoughts and things that amuse me at the moment.

First off, the GREY’S ANATOMY episode from this week, the alternative reality one? AWESOME. Also: SPOILERS AHEAD.

The premise was to wonder what if Ellis Grey never had Alzheimer’s.  The changes radiated out from that point, from realizing that Ellis is married to Richard Webber, who never became Chief of Surgery and never mentored Bailey, who in turn never became the confident and assertive figure we know and love.  Meredith is a “bright and shiny” girl, wearing lots of pink and (weirdly) engaged to Alex Karev, who wears polo shirts and stereotypical dork glasses and is obnoxiously peppy.  Yang is beyond bitter, but there’s a glimmer of the Cristina we know in her as she cares for Owen (still drowning in the quicksand of PTSD).  Possibly the best moment was the verbal description of Izzie as a wacko and the easily-missed comedy moment in which the audience realizes that our characters now use “Izzie” as a synonym for “crazy”… wonder what Katherine Heigl thinks about that!  In discussing this ep with a friend, he said that he wishes GREY’S would spend more than just one episode exploring this alternative reality, from the battling demons of insecurity and egomania within Ellis to Addison’s pregnancy (in this timeline she didn’t abort Mark’s baby, but instead convinced Derek that the child was his!).  I could go on and on, but really, just watch the episode.

BIG BANG THEORY is less satisfying though.  This week’s episode finally showed Leonard refusing the notorious roommate agreement point-blank, leading Sheldon to realize that without Leonard, nobody will chauffeur him around or bend to his will!  I was all excited to see Leonard finally show some backbone, but he caved at the end.  It honestly felt like the writers couldn’t figure out how to resolve situation – just fell a little flat, really.

I do have a new show on my roster of favorites – CRIMINAL MINDS.  It started several years ago (they’re on season seven now) starring Mandy Patinkin as the chief of a FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.  Basically, they’re profilers.  Patinkin has since left the show, claiming it was getting too dark and violent for his taste, but the show continues to grow in its awesomeness.  The stories are very dark and often very intense (and, yes, violent, but you rarely SEE the violence, just the aftermath, and only briefly).  Like LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT, the episodes frequently revolve around murders, but not always.  The FBI also handles kidnappings, it seems, so there are some very stressful stories that end in a heartwarming sort of way as children are returned safely to their families.

Also, can I just ask – TV-land, why must you be so full of beautiful people?  From just CRIMINAL MINDS, you have an array of strikingly attractive people, from Thomas Gibson’s Aaron Hotchner (center) to Kirsten Vangsness’ quirky geekette Penelope Garcia (second from left).  My personal favorite, though is Matthew Gray Gubler (right), who is so incredibly attractive that I actually have no words for it.

Criminal Minds - Cast Photo

Yes, I know, MGG is a former model. Yes, I know, he is not actually Spencer Reid, genius and FBI agent. Thing is, he seems like a genuinely appealing human being.  The fanwiki for Criminal Minds says he has a phobia of wearing matched socks, which is kind of endearing, and then there’s Gublerland. Be sure to check out the “Radio” section.  Also, this had me laughing helplessly:

Basically, let’s just say I now have something to do with all that unused brainpower during Thursday afternoon’s Most Boring Class Ever.  (Parents: forget you read that last sentence. I’m totally paying attention. And when if I’m not, it says something that I can take notes and daydream simultaneously during this class.)

CASTLE’s 40s throwback episode tonight! Very very excited, and not just for Seamus Dever’s Irish accent.

Finally, this showed up on my twitter feed a bit ago and I just had to share: