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Oh man. One of the best Castle episodes this season turns out to be based in something like reality!  THIS IS SO COOL.  “Heroes & Villains” (Castle 4×02) has a victim that is apparently a thoroughly unlikeable ex-con.  He’s found sliced in half from head to toe in an alley – he’d been forcing his attention on a young lady and someone arrived to defend her.  Going by the security camera footage, it’s a superhero, costume and all.

I mean, really. Castle is always fantastic, but this episode is the first time in a long while that we’ve seen Fillion/Castle’s boyish glee in the case.  When he sees the vigilante and starts to air his impressive knowledge of comic books, he gets that look that we haven’t seen regularly since season one.  His mood has been so much more serious, even occasionally grown-up (shocking, I know), since Beckett’s investigations got so much more dangerous for her in season three.

So anyway, this article I saw in the news yesterday is just kind of awesome. I love the idea that there are people who don’t just keep an eye out and alert the authorities of wrongdoing, but they do it in costume.

Really, the world is just hilarious and wonderful sometimes, dontcha think?