One of the people I follow on Twitter is Michael Ausiello, founder and editor of TVLine.  I enjoy his tweets – lots of interesting tidbits about current shows, including ratings, reviews, and casting news.  A tweet today led me to this bit if interesting news about Castle, the brilliant, intense, and often hilarious police dramedy currently in its fourth season.  From there, I went here, only to discover a further link to this wedding website created for Castle characters Detective Kevin Ryan and his fiancée, Jenny.

Apparently actor Seamus Deaver will be live-tweeting the “wedding” on January 9 – so that should prove entertaining.  I really enjoy Deaver’s work, and I wish he got more airtime on Castle.  His delivery is sincere and convincing, but he’s also got this twinkle of humor, like Detective Ryan has some kind of running internal commentary on the idiosyncracies of the people around him.  Anyway, be sure to read through the wedding website if you’re in the mood for a chuckle.  I particularly enjoyed the comment on the Honeymoon page. Also the story of how they met.